Our Story

The Opena® was designed and developed by Chris Peters & Rob Ward, two mates from Melbourne, Australia who like to make things happen. Chris is an Industrial Designer with a passion for good design and Rob is an idea's man with a knack for online sales and marketing. Together they combined their powers to make the Opena® a reality.

After consuming a few ales one sunny afternoon an idea evolved. Why not put a bottle opener into an iPhone case!?!... Brilliant!....The Opena® was born. With the idea in mind the duo spent the next few months designing, prototyping and testing to create a super smooth, clean crisp product which they dubbed the 'Opena®' - pronounced open-er but with an Aussie twist!

Originally launched on the crowd funding site Kickstarter in June 2011 it received huge interest and quickly jumped to 50% of funding goal in it's first week. Word got out and it wasn't long before the Opena® was showing up on design and gadget blogs in Australia, America, France, Japan, and Russia! 100% funding was achieved on Monday the 27th of June 2011 and the project finished on the 8th of July reaching 188% of the set funding goal! Not bad eh!

The next few months kept the boys very busy sorting out tooling, manufacturing, packaging, fulfillment, and shipping. The first production Opena®'s landed in late September 2011 and they we're quickly shipped out all over the world to Kickstarter backers and people who had pre-order through the Opena® website. It was a steep learning curve but it all worked out great. Its worth a mention that without the support and generous backing of the Kickstarter backers this product would not exist and Chris and Rob would probably be still working back in their old jobs day dreaming of what could have been. 

To date, tens of thousand of Opena®'s have been shipped all over the World and the response the product continues to receive has been nothing short of amazing. Following on from the Opena®, Chris and Rob have launched the Quad Lock® Mounting System and the Playa® storage case which have also been very well received by the market. They are now working on building up their brand Annex Products to give some cred to these great products and the new product idea's they are working on.

You can get in touch with Chris and Rob via info@annexproducts.com