The Opena case would not have been possible if not for all our 578 kickstarter backers. We would especially like to thank all the limited edition backers who went the distance and pledged extra coin to get their very own kickstater limited edition Opena case. Each limited edition case is laser etched with a unique backer number and we are sure they will become collectors items one day. To all the backers listed below... we salute you! 


Chris & Rob

Grant Copley

Luke Andrew Flanagan

Charlie Hart

Pan Samartzis


Cal Murtagh

Dr. Sean C. Pawlowski

Joshua - guys rock.

John Hardy

Rob Lingis

Kevin Sanieski, Boondocks, MA

Paul - Well done guys

Sean Kenney More Cowbell

Richie 'Retardo' Connell

Alex Samworth

T.J. Hammerle

@greezer aka. Glenn S.

Munty - I'm awesome... just look at my Opena


Christian Long Shlong Karolos

Matthew Johnson

Sullavan Patrick O'Hara

Jon & Melo Henshall


Cherokee O'Larte - Tampa, FL

Matt Tucker, USA, Aussie WannaBe...

Ben J. Darling

DKERR from Texas!

Taroh Kogure

Heather Connell

Mr. The Plague 

AND1Re Metelskiy, - Russia - Kaliningrad

Frank Solensky

Always wanted to get in on the ground floor of something. Now I have the perfect tool for partying on the rooftop aswell.  .

Richard - Widebay Technology - Apple sales & Service

Jade is the best

Matthew A. Foley

Merrick @ Mctastic Solutions

Mihir shah or MIR25

Sara Redmond-Neal

Khaleb G Sealey of JBR Innovations

Nick Lund


Paul George - Hobart

Sascha Beaumont


Ben Parker

George Youakim

Chris Spencer


Paul Bras

Nikita - A super dooper unique iphone 4 case carrier

Chan Huynh

Michael Schafe

Wade Hilton Baker


Matthew Cutler

Garry Huang


Aileen Chan

The Brazilian Backer!

Ashley Ahrens - Canada

Kevin Barry

Adam Trippe-Smith

Jose Ponce De Leon

Bruce Milne - anyone got an iPhone4 for my cool Opena!!??

Connor Edward Nelson

Milford Ryan

Marek Gralinski

Eduardo Fernandes de Souza - The Brazilian Guy

Andrew Oh

Marcus Doherty

The limited edition blades about to be laser etched. 

The limited edition blades with the marking paint just after the engraving process has finished.

Assembled, boxed up and ready to be shipped out to the limited edition backers! 

Hand packed and ready to be shipped all over the world!